Jungle Jim

Jungle Jim is a ground breaking  African pulp fiction magazine based in South Africa. I write for them. Here’s what they wrote about my story collection “The book of M”



Exciting news from Jungle Jim contributor Samuel Kolawole: His new collection of short stories, THE BOOK OF M is set for imminent release. As great admirers of Samuel’s dark, imaginative and incredibly detailed writing, we can’t wait to get our hands on more, especially if this is anything to go by:

Sharp, bold and highly disturbing, Samuel’s stories tread forbidden paths. The protagonists in this stunning début collection are ordinary people turned victims or willful captives of a world torn apart by greed, lust, superstition, rebellion, witchcraft and military tyranny.

For the two school teachers in “My meat was tough, My blood was bitter.” What is meant to be a midnight excursion begins a journey of no return. “Mules of Fortune” concerns a mother, her baby and two children forced to join a group smuggling food to the border in exchange for ammunition for rebels. Surviving a terrible accident they forge an unexpected bond. In another story “Meme” a condemned female convict tries in vain to pay the ultimate price for her crime.

Told with striking confidence, these stories announce the arrival of a uniquely gifted voice in fiction.

Watch out for MEME in Jungle Jim No 2, and MULES OF FORTUNE, which will be serialized in upcoming issues!


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